Ricardo Rodriguez Jorge, PhD                                        Contact Information:
Full Time Professor                                                         acj.mx 
Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Eng.           Telephone:
Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez
Chihuahua, Mexico

Research visit
Czech Technical University in Prague (Dec 2016 -January 2017)

                                   Research visit
                                   Tohoku University, Japan (May- Jul 2011)

I welcome my colleagues and fellow accademics to this web site. If you would like to discuss any of my published work, please feel free to contact me. My professional interests are mainly in Engineering and my work today has been focused on signal processing and machine learning to bridge innovative ways in these areas.
Research Interests
Control Systems
Adaptive Control Systems
Artificial neural networks
Time series prediction
Higher Order Neural Units
Pattern recognition
Artificial Intelligence
Signal Processing
Genetic algorithms
Natural language processing
Participation in Research Projects
Awarded by: The Professor Improvement Program (PRODEP) (2016-2017)
Grant number: DSA/103.5/16/10473
Proyect Title: Detección de Patrones de Arritmias Cardiacas mediante Análisis Adaptativo 
Role: Corresponded researcher
Date: September 2016
Awarded by: Coordinacion de Investigacion y Postgrado- IIT
Title: Redes Neuronales de Orden Superior para la Deteccion de Patrones de Arritmias
Awarded Institution: Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez
Role: Corresponded researcher
Date: May 2018
Awarded by: Coordinación de Investigación y Postgrado-IIT
Title: Realidad Aumentada aplicada al aprendizaje del idioma Mayo
Awarded Institution: Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez
Role: Research colaborator
Date: April 2016
Awarded by: The National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT)
Project Title: Characterization of electrophysiological signals: neonatal Encephalograms and spinograms.
Awarded Institution: Technologic Institute of Ciudad Victoria.
Role: External Collaborator
Date: August 2014
Past Research Projects
Awarded by: The Professor Improvement Program (PROMEP) (2013-2014)
Grant number: PROMEP/103.5/13/9045
Project title: Architecture of Neural networks for arrhythmia detection
Date: October 2013
In order to receive the degree of Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering (2009-2012)
Thesis: Lung Tumor Motion Prediction by Neural Networks
Institution: Czech Technical University in Prague, CTU
Faculty: Mechanical Engineering
Visiting student for a research project (scientific research) (May 28th -July 28th 2011)
Project: Intelligent Prediction Method of Lung Tumor Motion for Highly Accurate Radiation Therapy.
Research center: Research Division on Advanced Information Technology. Cyberscience center. (Graduate School of Eng. &Graduate School of Biomedical Eng.)
Masters thesis (2006-2007)
Thesis: “Validation and Verification Automatic Module of Extracted Rules of a Neural-Symbolic Hybrid System”.
Research center: National Center of Research and Technological Development (CENIDET)
Department: Computer Sciences
Summer of the Scientific Research (28 JUN – 31 AGO ’04)
Project: “Exploitation of Resources of a CMU Camera for its Started up on a ROMIC Robot”.
Company: National Institute of Nuclear Investigations
Department: Sciences applied