Ricardo Rodriguez Jorge, PhD
Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence Scientist

Mechatronics,  Signal Processing, Control and Artificial Neural Networks
Research Interest Group

Visiting Professor,
Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
(Dec 2016 -January 2017)

Research visit,
Tohoku University, Japan (May- Jul 2011)
Contact Information:
+52 55 8421 5106
Skype: rodriguezri

I welcome my colleagues and fellow academics to this web site. If you would like to discuss any of my published work, please feel free to contact me. My professional interests are mainly in Engineering and my work today has been focused on signal processing and machine learning to bridge innovative ways in these areas.
I am always looking for industrial and academic collaboration, please do not hesitate to contact me for project collaborations. For more information about my current running projects please visit Research projects.

Papers in Refereed International Journals (From Present-2012)

Please visit my ORCID and WoS ResearcherID for the up-to-day list of journal publications  


S. Cervantes, A. Mexicano, José-Antonio Cervantes, Ricardo Rodriguez, and Jorge Fuentes-Pacheco, Binary Pattern Descriptors for Scene Classification. IEEE LATIN AMERICA TRANSACTIONS, VOL. 18, NO. 1, JANUARY 2020, indexed in JCR, Impact Factor: 0.804.  
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