Ricardo Rodríguez Jorge, PhD
Assistant Professor/Researcher
Faculty of Science
Department of Informatics

Jan Evangelista Purkyně University
Czech Republic

Mechatronics,  Signal Processing, Control and Artificial Neural Networks
Research Interest Group
Visiting Professor,
Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
(Dec 2016 -January 2017)

Research visit,
Tohoku University, Japan (May- Jul 2011)

Contact Information:
+420 475 286 724
Office: 6.07  (CPTO)
Skype: rodriguezri
Mobile phone:
+420 608 328 807


I welcome my colleagues and fellow academics to this web site. If you would like to discuss any of my published work, please feel free to contact me. My professional interests are mainly in Engineering and my work today has been focused on signal processing and machine learning to bridge innovative ways in these areas.
I am always looking for industrial and academic collaboration, please do not hesitate to contact me for project collaborations. For more information about my current running projects please visit Research projects.
Institute web page: https://ki.ujep.cz/cs/personalni-slozeni/ricardo-rodriguez-jorge/

Data Mining Techniques based on R Software

Course Information:
Lecturer                 : Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez Jorge
Course Coordinator :
Level                      : Bachelor course
Time                      : Friday, Saturday
Location                 : CPTO Building
(All obligations for a successful assessment have to be fulfilled until the end of the winter semester, 2021)
This e-learning course is focused to students who are planning to work as IT specialists in the fields related to analytics, data mining solutions, marketing etc., who want to learn about both the practical application and implementation of data mining methods based on one of the modern programming languages R.  The aim of the course is to acquire knowledge and practical experience in the field of information processing, including the acquisition of useful skills. Software R offers a large number of methods for implementing of the functional programming paradigm during the corresponding project creation and implementation. For these reasons, the proposed course is actual and interesting for students who are focused to development and practical implementations of IT technologies based on R language.   
Lecture Notes:
Week Topics Notes Assignments Due date/

Data visualization techniques in R  

2 Basic concepts of regression analysis   download    
3 Basic of data exploration in R  download    
4 Techniques of data managing and transforming   download    
5 Basics of data clustering. Clustering quality criteria   download
6 K-means, C-means and Hierarchical Clustering Algorithms in R  download    
7 Density-Based DBSCAN and OPTICS Clustering Algorithms in R download    

Data Classification: Basic Concepts and Application with R


Basics of Fuzzy Logic. Steps of Fuzzy Inference Process Implementation 

10 Practical Implementation of Fuzzy Inference Techniques Based on R Software Tools download    
11 Basics Concepts of Time Series Processing. download    
12 Techniques of Time Series Analysis and Processing Based on R Software Tools download    
13 Applying Data Mining Techniques for Data Processing Based on R Software Tools  download