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Signal Processing, Control and Artificial Neural Networks

Institute of Engineering and Technology, Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez
Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México
Mechatronics is defined as the synergistic combination of mechanical engineering of precision, electronic control and systems, considered in the design of products and the manufacture of processes. At present, mechatronic engineering has contributed to the development of new technologies. Due to the multidisciplinary approach of this engineering, today it is possible to design and streamline intelligent processes in various fields of industry. Among the great contributions that we can find in the mechatronics is its participation in medicine [1].
This is thanks to the creation of interfaces developed through intelligent control, microcontrollers and servomechanisms that have given way to the construction of technological processes that benefit in different aspects of the health area.
In the process of creating interfaces for the purpose of minimizing costs and maximizing reliability, embedded systems play a very important role. These systems are composed of hardware and software, which are maintained in a direct interaction allowing them to communicate to represent the behavior of states, events and signals. The interaction they have with the outside world as a function of time or the presence of stimuli, makes it possible to control and operate equipment in environments with very specific operational conditions and scenarios [2].
Mechatroncs systems are now commonplace in healthcare, manufacturing, space exploration and other industries. In these projects, students can learn and practice methods of Mechatronics Systems, and consequently the students can contribute to the current research and development in this field.
Some previous projects in these field under my supervision are as follows:
Design and construction of a basic data acquisition systems
Connection This project presents a data acquisition system for the R peak detection in electrocardiograms. R wave is one of the most important sections of the QRS complex, which has an essential role in diagnosis of heart rhythm irregularities. This paper employs Hilbert transform and adaptive threshold technique for the detection of R peak.

The performance of the system was tested using standard ECG waveform records from the MIT-BIH arrhythmia database. In addition, tests were carried out using the sensors for real-time data processing.
Placement Peak
PID controller in an semiautomatic pneumatic regulator
Paso2 There is a vacuum pressure system in a machine, which requires obtaining a constant and exact pressure to perform the task, consists of the application of a pressure of 70 to 80 psi to perform the vacuum test in the chamber and approve a good piece. The pressure falls during some stages of the process because it is regulated manually, which leads to an undesired system.

The aim of this project is to control the automatic pneumatic pressure regulator by means of a self-tuneable feedback PID controller to maintain a stable pressure.

Control of an integrated robotic arm
P1_02 In this project, a control system with graphic interface for a robotic arm prosthesis has been developed. The electromyography signals emitted from the patient's forearm have been recorded by means of surface myoelectric sensors.  Then, the voltage threshold emitted to enable the movement of the servomotors exercising the action of opening and closing the prosthesis have been determined.

For the development of this project, the areas of electronics, embedded systems, control and electromyography knowledge were requiered. Therefore, a system capable of granting the patient greater control for the handling of their prosthesis has been obtained and an open field for more applications that involve myoelectric signals processing has eraised.
Design and implementation of a distance meter to detect obstacles
Semiautomatic pressure regulator
[1] Ibarra Fierro, Gabriela I.; Rodriguez-Jorge, Ricardo; Mizera-Pietraszko, Jolanta; Martínez García, Edgar Alonso. (2018). Design and implementation of a data acquisition system for R peak detection in electrocardiogram. HEALTHINF, 20185, 715–721.
[2] Bachelor Thesis: “Diseño y construcción de un sistema de adquisición de datos básico para la detección de la onda representativa R en un electrocardiograma,” by the student Gabriela Ibarra Fierro, in order to get the title of Engineer in Mechatronics. Mechatronics Program. Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez. Dec 2017.(Advisor: Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez Jorge).